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A Little History:

Jacob Oberholtzer started Bareville Woodcraft Company in 1968, producing wooden
buggy wheels in a small shop in the heart of Lancaster County. Over the years the
focus of our business has shifted more and more toward steam bent furniture

In 1989 we installed our first dry kilns.
In 1994 the wheel production was sold to a local shop, as the demand for wood
bending increased.
Three new dry kilns with 20,000 board feet capacity each were added in 1998, as
the two existing kilns were outgrown.
Two additions were added to the existing manufacturing building in 1999.
In 2001 a new steel building was erected over top of the original wood frame
building, as more space was necessary for efficient operation, with more varied
products and growing demand.


Bareville Woodcraft continues in the Oberholtzer family. We have grown to meet the
demand, and are currently operating 11 platten presses and 6 wing-benders. We
have 17,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, and 15,000 sq. feet of kilns and
lumber storage.
  • Solid Wood Steam Bending
  • Flat and Curved Embossing
(717) 656-6261
(717) 656-6261
  • Solid Wood Steam Bending
  • Flat and Curved Embossing